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ZEPHYR is a filter that protects machines from dust and oily mist in industrial environments, ensures the normal input of fresh air.

Don't Gamble with Machine Downtime

Protection can sometimes be too time-consuming: urgent deadlines, lack of specialized manpower or even simple omissions may prevent companies from cleaning machinery or replacing filters regularly.

To guarantee well-functioning and optimize productivity, all the automation, robot and numerical control machines need a clean industrial environment.

Catcher filters protect your machines from impurities

ZEPHYR makes protection easy:

  • The filter is applied externally, directly onto the vent grid
  • Gathers and holds dust and oily mist with its patented-knitted fabric
  • Ensures the normal passage of fresh and clean air in the machine
  • Protects the engine and avoids the spreading of suspended particles
  • Avoids downtime thanks to easy application and replacement
  • Visual control allows you to change the filter regularly, ensuring adequate air flow
  • Replacement takes a few seconds and does not require skilled labour, avoiding loss of productivity.

Avoid omissions, downtime or failures caused by excessive clogging by external dirt or other type of floating impurities.

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